Multi-Function Hall

4000RMB a day(8 hours);2500RMB half a day (4 hours)

Redbud Hall、Azalea Hall

2500RMB a day(8 hours) 1500RMB half a day (4 hours)

Lily Hall

200RMB/hour, minimum 3 hours consumption(26m2;no more than 10 people)

meeting rooms(floor 2 of hotel)
number of accomodation
height name of meeting room area m2 classroom style theatre style banquet style U style round style
3.6 meters Multi-Function Hall 280m2 180 200 120 100 100
3 meters Redbud Hall 85m2 50 70 40 20 20
3 meters Azalea Hall 85m2 50 70 40 30 20
The operation of meeting/banquet/team accommodation is in charge of Sales and Marketing Department. PABX Line:331,332,350.
business center

business time:07:30-23:00

acceptence time of guest room ordering: 07:30-23:00 be in charge of business center; 23:00-07:30 be in charge of reception center